Bakewells Bakery makes every item from scratch, using nothing less than high-quality, all-natural ingredients. You'll never find any chemical additives in our products. And after just one bite, you'll understand why our customers keep coming back for more of our fresh breads and teacakes made fresh everyday.   Dont see what your looking for below with our expertise and knowledge of the trade we can make a bespoke product to suit your requirements.

Bread Rolls


White Teacakes Large

White Teacakes

White Teacakes Small

White Teacakes Mini
White Farmhouse Teacakes Large

White Farmhouse Teacakes


White CheeseTeacakes Large

White Cheese Teacakes

White Cheese Teacakes Small

White Cheese Teacake Mini


White Seeded Teacakes Large

White Seeded Teacakes

White Seeded Teacakes Small

White Seeded Teacakes Mini


Brown Teacakes Large

Brown Teacakes

Brown Teacakes Small

Brown Teacakes Mini

Brown Farmhouse Teacakes Large

Brown Farmhouse Teacakes

Brown Seeded Teacakes Large

Brown Seeded Teacakes

Brown Seeded Teacakes Small

Brown Seeded Teacakes Mini


Harvester Teacakes Large

Harvester Teacakes

Harvester Teacakes Small


Fruit Teacakes Large

Fruit Teacakes

Fruit Teacakes Small


White Oval Teacakes

White Oval Teacakes Small

White Oval Seeded Teacakes

White Oval Seeded Teacakes Small

White Floury Oval Teacakes

White Floury Oval Teacakes Small

White Cheese Oval Teacakes

White Cheese Oval Teacakes Small

Brown Oval Teacakes

Brown Oval Teacakes Small

Brown Cheese Oval Teacakes

Brown Cheese Oval Teacakes Small

Brown Oval Seeded Teacakes

Brown Oval Seeded Teacakes Small

Harvester Oval Teacakes Large
Harvester Oval Teacakes

White Tiger Teacakes Large

White Tiger Teacakes

White Tiger Teacakes Small

White Tiger Teacakes Mini

White Tiger Oval Teacakes

White Tiger Oval Teacakes Small



Sourdough Teacakes Large

Sourdough Teacakes

Sourdough Teacakes Small

Sourdough Teacakes Mini

Sourdough Oval Teacakes

Sourdough Oval Teacakes Small


White Fish Baps
White Fish Baps Long

White Mini Flatcakes
White Seeded Mini Flatcakes
Brown Mini Flatcakes
Brown Seeded Mini Flatcakes
Granary Mini Flatcakes
White Flatcake
White Flatcake Medium
White Flatcake Large
White Flatcake Xlarge
Brown Flatcake
Brown Flatcake Large
Brown Flatcake Xlarge

White Bridge Rolls Large
White Bridge Rolls
White Bridge Rolls Small
White Cheese Bridge Rolls Large
White Cheese Bridge Rolls
White Cheese Bridge Rolls Small
White Seeded Bridge Rolls Large
White Seeded Bridge Rolls
White Seeded Bridge Rolls Small
Brown Bridge Rolls Large
Brown Bridge Rolls
Brown Bridge Rolls Small
Brown Cheese Bridge Rolls Large
Brown Cheese Bridge Rolls
Brown Cheese Bridge Rolls Small

White Soft Baguette Long
White Soft Baguette
White Cheese Soft Baguette Long
White Cheese Soft Baguette
White Soft Farmhouse Baguette Long
White Soft Farmhouse Baguette
White Seeded Soft Baguette Long
White Seeded Soft Baguette
Brown Soft Baguette Long
Brown Soft Baguette
Brown Cheese Soft Baguette Long
Brown Cheese Soft Baguette
Brown Soft Farmhouse Baguette Long
Brown Soft Farmhouse Baguette
Brown Seeded Soft Baguette Long
Brown Seeded Soft Baguette
Harvester Soft Baguette Long
Harvester Soft Baguette





White Loaf

White Farmhouse Loaf

White Poppyseed Loaf

White Cheese Loaf

Brown Loaf

Brown Farmhouse Loaf

Harvester Loaf

Fruit Loaf

Fruit Twist Bread


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Tel: 01484 401181

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